Content Strategy, 5 simple rules

Content strategy 5 simple rules

This is what you do for success with your content marketing

Rule #1 – Don’t think too much

Get going. Do!
Post different things at different times, try and see what works best. Publish, speak up.
Only as soon as you share messages, create content or send newsletters, you can start comparing and you only know what works and what doesn’t work.

Don’t keep procrastinating, wait until everything is perfect on your website, the correct profile picture has been uploaded, your website is also ‘work in progress’.

Too much thinking is counter-productive. This happened to me in the past few months. I struggled mainly with the ‘tone of voice’. Do not!

Rule #2 – Be consistent

Without consistency, you don’t have a content marketing strategy. It just doesn’t work (see also Rule #5).

Build regularity in your posts. Put it in your calendar as a reminder. I reserve a Wednesday afternoon every other week for a new blog post and a newsletter the following Thursday. Every Sunday afternoon I share an article on Linkedin and respond to relevant articles from others.

Consistency means regularly and preferably at the same time. This can be several times a week, weekly, once every two weeks or once a month. That’s something people can count on.
In short, program your content activities.

Whatever your plan is, it must be consistent.

Rule #3 – Always include a Call to Action

Marketing guru Dan Kennedy says you shouldn’t do anything that can’t be directly linked to sales.
Add a Call to Action to any message for newsletter signup, a trial subscription or the free introductory session.

I explained how to add a Call to Action in your content in this blog post

Rule #4 – Knead, Knead, Knead

Don’t reinvent the wheel. You don’t have to start from scratch. Take something from the internet and make it your own story. Take something that catches the eye. If you notice it, it will appeal to other people. Borrow an idea from someone else and make it your own. Knead, knead and knead.

Come up with catchy titles. If the title does not appeal, read no further.
Want to learn quickly, in an hour!, how to create perfect web copy? Visit this link on Frankwatching for a free online course .

Images and illustrations are available for free download at  en

Rule #5 – Track

Track your efforts. If you know what happens, you keep track of your efforts, or better: what the result of your content is, you can fine-tune.

Google Analytics provides comprehensive information about what is happening on your website.
It can also be simpler.

  • Your newsletter results you get will directly in your mailbox from Mailchimp/Mailerlite.
  • With a Google My Business account you get the results directly in your mailbox via your.
  • You can put a Monster insights plugin on your WordPress website, which is easier to read than Google Analytics.
  • Create a free account with sheerSEO and set the keywords on which you want to be found. The results will automatically drop into your mailbox.

In case you don’t feel like or you lack the time for Content Creation? Contact us and we will draw up a plan together.
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Bonus Rule — Tip: Read Content Inc.

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