WordPress Work-Out

WordPress Workout. Improve your website in 2 hours.
Book your Personal Trainer for WordPress. Immediate result.

Keeping your website ‘In Shape’ is important. With the WordPress Work-Out you improve your website in 2 and half hours. Book a 1 on 1 training session. Invest some time and we’ll tackle exactly those points you have questions about. And by tackling, I mean tackling. We will work together to improve your website.

For who is a WordPress Workout?

For starters. I will guide you through your own website. We jump right into the WordPress CMS. I ‘ll explain everything so, after this workout, you will be able to edit and update your site by yourself.

Solopreneurs. This Workout is a perfect reviewing the website together. Make a list of things you like to be done. Improve, update, check the customer journey. Get visitors more engaged, improve conversion out of your website.

Web editors and content creators. Improve your content creation for the website they’re working on. We go through the following topics: the target group, tone of voice, a content calendar, consistency, structure of the various articles, search function and last but not least: SEO.

What does a WordPress Workout look like?

The Workout is customized to your needs. Before hand we ‘ll send you a form and you fill in what items you like to be done. From a general review of your website to working on specific parts. Here are some examples of what we can accomplish:

  • Is the information structured correctly?
  • Can we make it more appealing to your customer?
  • Are updates needed for your theme or plugins?
  • Is your website cluttered? Can we clean up, simplify, and make it faster
  • Improve for search engine, SEO
  • Change images

Check the agenda here and book your WordPress Workout. Choose a time and don’t forget to mention ‘WordPress Workout’ in the appointment.

What areas of your website can we improve?

Examples of areas we can address:

Google’s algorithms are changing quite a bit lately.
Can the intended target group find you online? We optimize content of your website for the search engine. We do this together. You benefit directly from that.

What about the settings of your cookies? Does your website comply with the privacy legislation? For privacy legislation, GDPR, there are quite a few settings and adjustments that you have to make. Let’s go through the steps one by one and make your website GDPR proof.

There are so many things that are related to performance. Let’s do some test and see where to start making improvements. You will have instantly results.

Choose your date /hour. Make an appointment for your WordPress Workout with your personal trainer and keep your website in ‘shape’.

Tap our brain and stay ahead of your competition. Book now.

You invest in your business, your online marketing:
179, – ex. VAT.

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