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Designlab WP Summer Workout


Unfortunately, the 2023 summer offer is over. We will definitely do this again next summer! A new season at a new location.

Would you like to get started earlier and book a WordPress Workout? Please do so. Depending on the date you choose, it will be an online workshop (virtual) or a real live, on-site workshop.

Book the WordPress Workout

A dive into your website. If you want to make a good impression with your website, book this Summer Workout.

Is your website slow, dusty, or cluttered?
Time for an update?
Don’t put it off any longer. Do it with me. So convenient, so fast. Use this summer month to update, restructure, beautify, or repair your website.
Book the WordPress Summer Workout

The perfect solution if you don’t feel like doing it on your own.
Improve your website in 2 hours together with the WordPress expert. Make an appointment with me as your ‘personal WordPress trainer’ and bring your website into ‘shape’ and ‘up to date’.

  • No more worries about overdue maintenance,
  • No more stress about findability issues.
  • Proud of your online presence.

WordPress Summer Work-Out. Improve your website in 2 hours’ time, together with your Personal WordPress Trainer. Immediate results.

Keeping your website ‘in shape’ is important. Invest 2 hours and we will tackle exactly those points that you have questions about. And by tackling, I mean tackling. We will work side by side on your website.

What does a session look like?

For whom is the WordPress Workout intended?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Web editors
  • Starters

For Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you have little time to work on your website. Let’s do it together. Very efficient. We can do a lot of work in 2 hours.

Have you ever worked with WordPress?

  • No? Then I will guide you through your own website. No long intros and stories, but very compact, only what is important to you.
  • Yes? Then the Workout is a perfect time to review the website together, dot the i’s and cross the t’s, fine-tune it and prepare for more conversion. Get more out of your website.

For web editors

Is it your job to maintain the WordPress website? I will show you the way in your website. Everything will be covered during this instruction. After this Work Out you can work independently. Your website is always up to date and provided with the latest news.

I help web editors on their way to creating content faster that is appropriate for the website they are working on. We go through: the target group, tone of voice, content calendar, consistency in the structure of the various articles, search function, and last but not least: SEO.

For starters

As starters, you want to quickly present your business online. If you already have a plan, I’ll show you how to implement it as simply as possible. How much time will you spend on your content? We can draw up a content plan together.
Have you thought about your strategy yet? How are you going to reach the people? Time for a good strategy plan.
Save time by using my experience and tips. Also have a look at this free template: Recipe for a blogpost

What do we do during a WordPress Workout?

Everything is possible. From a general review of your website to working on specific parts. We check everything:

  • Is the information still correct?
  • Can it be tighter, clearer, more appealing?
  • Are technical updates required?

Check the agenda here and book a WordPress Workout. Choose your time and day
(still available for a few days in August).

Examples of parts we can tackle:

Search machine

Google’s ranking methods change quite often. How is your target audience doing? Is your website found? Let’s see how we can even better pre-park the content for your customer, and the search engine.

Up to date

The internet is changing at breakneck speed. Keeping your website ‘up to date’ requires attention. Is everything on the latest version? We check everything so that your website becomes faster again. Take advantage of my knowledge and experience.

SEO boost for your best blogposts

Do you already have a blog on your website? Let’s see how we can make even smarter use of it. I also give you some tips for writing blog posts using AI. Read my article about Powerpages and what blog posts can do.

Create FAQ -Frequently asked questions

Adding frequently asked questions to your website is a great idea to be found better. Customers who have questions can be referred directly to your FAQ page.
Read more on my article ( in Dutch) about FAQ die converteren 

Grab that opportunity and improve your website before the busy season starts again.
Book now.
Invest two hours of your time and
179, –  Euro ex. btw.


Increase your ROI with actionable insights you can implement yourself. Do it together.

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