Last Friday I gave a talk about the phenomenon Business-Concepts-with-Instagram.

Where was that?

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Why Instagrammable?

Observing and following trends or hypes is simply in my blood. Yes, I know that is because of my fashion background.

Instagram is the place to be, that’s where the action is. The younger generation of people are no longer active on Facebook, but they are on Instagram and TikTok.

I noticed that certain bars and cafΓ©s in a residential neighborhood were very busy. Well not just busy, but customers lined up on the street waiting to enter. I am not talking about well-known brands located on famous high streets.
How is that possible? What is going on here?
On research. The magic word: Instagram.

Update July 2023:
Latest newcomer in the Instagram – location scene: The Upside Down Amsterdam. An Instagram first venue. What do they sell? They sell the decorum, you are the actor. It is like an amusement park. Although they say it is all about the experience, their product is the picture or video the customer will put on TikTok. Upsidedown Amsterdam is actually only the facilitator.

Online marketing with the help of Instagram and Tiktok is a great challenge! πŸš€

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