10 AI tools for your visuals

Designlab AI tools for visuals

What are the best tools for creating your visuals?

There are many great tools available to help you create photos, videos, or illustrations. Unique visual content is now at your fingertips. Here are 10 apps that you can use immediately:

  1. Undraw
    Undraw is not actually an AI tool, but a handy tool for illustrations in the color of your house style. It is an open-source archive. Use these illustrations for clarification on pages with a lot of information, where a photo would be too distracting. Also, check out Undraw’s ‘handcrafted’ library, 😍 . Simply drawn objects, and icons, which you can download as .png in your own color. #illustrations
  2. Dall-E
    Dall-E is a well-known image creation platform. You describe what you want, you enter a so-called ‘prompt’, and Dall-E gives you four photos. You choose your image or you let Dall-E continue working. Results range from surprisingly good to moderate. I think it’s a disadvantage that the photos are square, but that can probably be solved with another tool.
    Per month you are entitled to a certain number of prompts for free. #pictures
  3. Mid-journey
    Is probably the first platform for AI-generated images. It is a little less accessible and, in my opinion, the style of the images should appeal to you. Here are the steps: Go to Midjourney-> Click on ‘Join the beta’ -> Create an account on Discord -> Log in -> Select one of the newbie bots on the left -> Type /imagine and type out what you want to see. #pictures
  4. Galileo
    Galileo is a text-to-image tool that creates beautiful designs and user interfaces with simple text descriptions 10x faster.
  5. Clean Up Pictures
    CleanUp Pictures removes any unwanted object, defect, people, or text in seconds. If you only want to remove the background, grab this tool: Removebg #edit images
  6. Vana
    Vana is a generative art studio that turns your self-portraits into endless styles. #profile pictures
    Beware a bit of Arty farty style. Fun to experiment with.
  7. ProfilePicture
    β€œSay goodbye to your bad profile pictureβ€β€˜ Profile Picture is a start-up by Danny Postma, yes a Dutchman πŸ‡³πŸ‡±. Also, take a look at HeadshotPro. A quick and easy way to get professional photos of your team. An app from the same founder. #profile pictures
  8. Super Creator
    With Supercreator you can make videos in no time. 10x faster short videos using artificial intelligence. #video .πŸš€
  9. Lumen5
    Lumen5 automatically converts your blog posts into videos or transforms your Zoom recording into a captivating clip. The so-called ‘Talking Head’ video. There is a forever free version. #video
  10. Flikki Basically does the same thing as Lumen5. Turn a blog post into a video. See which interface you like the most. It seems to me that you can set more with Flikki and therefore it takes a bit longer, but then you have a better result. Weighing up: speed and convenience vs result There is a forever free version. #video


With Decktopus πŸ™ you can make presentations. With your input, you get a template. You can insert text yourself, but you will also be guided well in that. So, goodbye to the well-known phenomenon of too much text on one slide. Decktopus can also be used for forms (feedback forms, leads), portfolios or microsites. #presentations

These tools have been selected with this goal in mind: to save time (and money!) for creating your visuals for your web pages, blog posts, newsletter, presentations, or product descriptions for items in your webshop.

A list of AI tools for creating your content can be found here. Finally, there is a list for organizing your files and (sales) communication.

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