Things needed

Lijst met benodigdheden-things needed

Bravo! We’re starting. What do we need to build your new WordPress website ?

1 – Your domain name
Explanation: this is the name on the internet, or your URL our domain is

2 – Your hosting account login code, access to the control panel of your hosting. usually an email address and a password. (essential!)
Explanation: this is where you registered your domain name and where you arranged your hosting. Please note that it is also possible that you have not yet arranged hosting and have only registered your domain name. Please check this with your hosting first.

3 – Your logo
Explanation: your logo is important for your corporate identity. You want to convey the same corporate identity and be recognizable on all communication channels. Send your logo in different types of files. jpg, .png or psd. The graphic artist who created your logo can tell you which files are suitable for the Internet. If you have any doubts, you can ask us.

4 – Photo material
Explanation: If you have good images that you want to use, please send them along. We do not need heavy files for websites. A photo of 100 – 150 KB is best. There are different requirements for the photos for product photos for your webshop.
possible files: jpg, png, gif.

5 – The colors
Explanation: Do you have specific colors that match the design of your corporate identity? You can send the color numbers (can be in all formats), a PDF of the design, or if you don’t have all that, you can indicate which colors you would like to use by sending an example of a website or an image from the internet.

6 – The font
Explanation: The design of your logo and/or corporate identity always includes a font. For the internet, we cannot simply use all fonts for the texts. We choose a font that is suitable for the internet and matches your logo. We can use the special font used for your logo or company name as an image. In that case, send us an image and the name of the font.

7 – Your wishes
Explanation: You probably already have an idea of how you would like your website to be. Send us a link to a website that inspires you. That could also be a completely different industry. Also, send us a competitor’s link and tell us what you like and don’t like about their website. (We are not going to make a copy, but it works well if we know what already exists in the industry you are dealing with and it gives us a direction to build a unique website.)

8 – Special features?
We’ve probably already discussed this. 😉

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