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While choosing the best offer for your website building, you might be comparing apples and oranges – 3 minutes

Are you having a website built? You need to know this before you start comparing prices.

Sometimes I am asked: What does a website cost with you?

Well…I’m not going to take your website ‘off the shelf’ just like that. We are talking about a tailor-made website, especially for you.

If you request a price from multiple parties, chances are you are comparing apples to oranges.

How is the price of web design/building established?

Let’s take a look.
The price of a website is generally determined by the hourly rate of the designer (and the other employees involved in the design) x the complexity of your desired website.

The hourly rate of a web designer depends on experience, knowledge, and the overhead costs of the agency.

  • A freelancer costs +-35 euros (beginner) and 175 euros (very experienced) per hour
  • A small agency costs 50 to 125 euros per hour
  • And large development agencies can charge 75 to 250 euros per hour. Take in account that special coding might be needed for special features.

In general: the more cost, the more you get. Experience, knowledge, and creativity simply cost something. Investing in a well-thought-out web design is a long-term investment that easily pays off the costs.

You want a website to beat your competitors, right?

Do people ever underestimate what your services imply?
Do they think it will be easier or will take less time?
Yes? Web designers have that too. There are a lot of “hidden” hours. Hours in which concepts are thought out, strategy, customer journeys, personas, and research for the best applicable features. And implementing what you consider to be a ‘minor’ adjustment can take up to an hour.

Honestly, I always underestimate the work involved in making a website. But if you closely follow such a process, you increasingly understand that a website can cost a few thousand euros.

Let’s have a look at the process

  • First, there is e-mail traffic. A few emails to see if you’re a match.
  • Afterwards, there is often a personal appointment. This takes time and the conversation must be prepared.
  • After that, a quote must be drawn up and there will be some mail contact afterward.
  • After that, research is done on similar websites, thought and a wireframe has to be made of the most important pages.
  • That wireframe must be approved. And then the design process begins.
  • The design process thus takes a few days and there are a few discussions between the teams.
  • After that, the design must be approved and all adjustments must be made.
  • Then someone has to change the design into a responsive website. That means coding: HTML, CSS, PHP, Bootstrap etc. Another few days.
  • Then another discussion and some adjustments.
  • Then you have to deliver the content and everything has to be made working (contact forms, social media buttons, etc).
  • After that, everything still needs to be tested and Google Analytics added.
  • After that, the website must be delivered.
  • After that comes aftercare.
  • I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. And as an entrepreneur, you also have to include the time that you are busy with all peripheral matters, such as marketing and administration.

If you multiply all those hours by the hourly rate (from 50 to 125 euros), you quickly arrive at a price of 2,500 to 5,000 euros for a beautiful well-constructed website.

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