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The Project

CatchTheShopper is an annual festival for retail professionals. A new name, a slightly different concept to replace the former ‘Retail and Brands Festival’.

The brief
The founders of the festival asked for a WordPress CMS. Rebuilding the website in WordPress.
The management has been using WordPress since 2016, the year of their first festival edition. They are highly skilled in content editing.
For the 2020 festival edition, an agency, related to the major sponsor, made the website with a different technique. All of a sudden they had no access to edit.
Our challenge: How do we fit all the features in an, almost, one-pager? How do we do this on a small budget (remember this was in the midst of the COVID year 2021!)
An, almost one-page website in bright colours, mobile-first approach. Thanks to the special efforts of our hosting company, this one-page website performs well, although it is a big page to load.

delivered January 2021

Check also the former ‘Retail and Brands Festival’ project.

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